Your Safety Is Our First Concern

We are trained fall prevention specialists with 15+ years experiance. Not a local handyman.


At Grab Bar Plus, we believe freedom and peace of mind are the greatest gifts we can o­ffer our customers. We provide home safety by way of fall prevention equimpent, as well as simple home modifications for those in a wheelchair. Every thing we do is with the assurance of maintaining dignity despite your physical limitations. Imagine the peace that comes with knowing your home can be changed to accommodate your needs. We have more than 15 years of experience in the senior and accessibility industry, We understand that the stress of living with a disability or just aging can be overwhelming. Grab Bar Plus provides innovative in home solutions that allow you to maintain your level of comfort without compromising your health and safety.


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Grab Bars don't have to be ugy anymore.

Grab Bar Plus can replace old pitted Grab Bars with new exciting colors and styles.


True story: 

We recieved a phone call from a man in his thirties wanting to install grab bars in every shower in the house. I  asked is this for your home, he answered yes.  I knew something had happened so I asked. Turned out his wife used conditioner in her hair and the residue didn't rinse off the floor tile. He entered the shower after her and one step and down he went, 12 stiches later he called me.


The CDC reports over 300,000 older people a year are hospitalized from bathroom related falls. Ownership at Grab Bar Plus has spent the last 15 years working closely with families trying to deal with aging at home safely. We have a great deal of experiance working with families that have Alzheimer's and Parkinsons in regards to home safety.  

We have worked closely with hospitals, nursing facilities and skilled nursing rehab units since 2005 in Florida. We offer suggestions for patient home safety in all rooms of the home with thier specific condition in mind.

We do not replace but collaborate with the case managers, social workers, physical therapists and occupational therapists to ensure continuity of care throughout the discharge process. We install safety and mobility equipment needed such as grab bars, toilet bars, shower floor step down reducer inserts (pictured to the right) and aluminum wheelchair ramps. Our approach has proven to sharply reduce fall risks and to ensure that all people are safe at home.

Grab Bar plus provides the solution for reducing the risk of re-hospitalization if you have already fallen. Please contact us today we are always happy to answer questions.

*Licensed and Insured in Florida

*Knowledgeable Professional Installers


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