How we do business


Gary Zimmerman  was brought into senior home safety when his family was in need. It was 2004 when he got a call from his grandmother that his grandfather was diagnosed with both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's at the same time. The family knew it had to do something to make the house safer and give grandma peace of mind. So he did some research and found there was little information about senior home safety available. He needed to understand the pitfalls of living with these conditions. So he made it his life work to understand both senior living and living with a disability.  He has learned this industry by being hands on installing GRAB BARS and wheelchair ramps while talking with medical professionals and home health care companies, about what they felt was needed to make homes a safer place.  After years of helping families in Florida, Grab Bar Plus has  now added child proofing to their list of services, after all Gary is a father of two. 



We believe that getting good advise is so important that our policy is never to charge a family looking for information at a stressful time.


Our promise to you

Our promise to you Grab Bar Plus will never give you a sales pitch. They will explain what they believe to be the best solution to your situation. Then it's your decision as to what happens next.