Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know

How many grab bars are usually installed in a bathroom?

Usually 2 grab bars are installed for a standard shower or bathtub.  

We have installed as many as 6 ln special situations. 

It is also very common to install a grab bars at the toilet.

All installers are trained to identify  proper locations around the home.

Should I have grab bars installed in other rooms?

Grab Bars are helpful any where you need assistance getting up.

What style grab bars are most common?

The most common grab bar is a peened stainless steel. Available  in various lengths.

What is the warranty?

All of our grab bars come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  

All of our installations are covered for 5 years.

Is Grab Bar Plus insured?

Yes, we have been installing grab bars for 15 year, you bet we are insured.