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Fall Prevention and Disability Modifications Aging In Place Specialist

Fall Prevention and Disability Modifications Aging In Place Specialist

Fall Prevention and Disability Modifications Aging In Place SpecialistFall Prevention and Disability Modifications Aging In Place SpecialistFall Prevention and Disability Modifications Aging In Place Specialist

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Grab Bars

Grab Bar

 We often hear  "I'm too young for grab bars" what is the apropriate age for slipping and getting hurt? All too often we find them installed incorrectly by a good natured friend and usually in the wrong place. 

Wheelchair Ramps


Portable or fixed aluminum wheelchair ramps.

Custom Built Ramps

Custom Built Wheelchair Ramp

Ramps built out of various materials to gain access to the home temporary or permanent.

Shower Floor Leveler


Originally designed for wheelchair  access to a shower but we have learned over the years it has another great function. As we age stepping into a sunken shower floor basin is both dificult and dangerous. By bringing the floor up so there is no step down makes sense. Completly removable when no longer needed.

Wider Wheelchair Access

Widen Doorway for Wheelchairs

Doorways can be widened to accomodate wheelchair passage.

Also special hinges can be installed to get the door out of the doorway.

Flip Down Bars


Mounted on either side of toilet  to gain leverage to lift to a stander position.

Hand Held Shower Head

Hand Heip Shower Head

 If you're showering from a seated position or being helped by an aid a hand held shower head is a must.

Pull Down Closet Rods

Pull Down Closet Rod

These closet rods pull down to wheelchair level for easy access to clothing.

Pull Down Cabinet Shelf

Pull down Cabinet Shelf

This cabinet inserts allow for contents to come down to counter level on a spring loaded devise.

Battery Operated Lighting

Emergancy Power Outage Room Light

Emergency battery operated lighting can be installed in any room incase of a power outage.

Hallway Support Rails

Hallway Hand Rail

Hand rails are not just for stairs anymore. They can be intalled in any hallway leading to the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Non-Slip Floor Coating


This coating is rolled over the existing tile and when dried in undetectable. Once wet a chemical reaction occurs and become non slip.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Simple locks that require a magnetis fob to release doors and drawers. They are installed on the inside of cabinet doors to prevent injury from sharps and hide medication.

Senior Proof Covers

Door Knob Cover

 We use all types of covers for door knobs to prevent wondering, Other areas of concern, light switches, outlets, oven/stove dials. 

Vertical Assist Pole


When transfering a person there should be place for the person to grab onto for balance rather than the aid to prevent falling over.

Automatic Door Opener

Automatic Door Opener For Wheelchairs

Easy access through doorways with a automatic remote controled door opener.

Wheelchair Accessable Vanity

Wheelchair Vanity

When in a wheelchair the everyday becomes difficult. Have your bathroom work for you.

Double Swing Door Hinge

Offset Hinge to get Doors out of oenning

When a doorway cannot be widened these hinges allow the door to swing out of the way for wheelchair access.

Bathroom Safety at Any Age

The Importance of Grab Bars

When you call Grab Bar+ for an appointment, 
we arrive promptly to your home on time.  With your input, we
 will personally help guide you in deciding which grab bars and installation location will best benefit your needs and concerns.  Next,  we will provide a estimate for the cost of the grab bars and other equipment.   Then with your approval, we can install your selection in an hour or two. It's that easy and quite convenient.
In addition to grab bars, we conveniently carry and install many important and beneficial bath safety  items including Shower/Bath  Chairs, Hand Held Shower attachments, Toilet Safety    Support Frames and non-slip bath stips. Grab Bar Plus also installs Hand Rails in any length and can be painted or stained the color of your choosing. They provide great comfort and safety on stairways, landings, hallways or anywhere stability is an issue.   
For more information on our grab bar installation service please give us a call ( 727) 637-0560.   
Whether you call them grab bars, safety bars or safety rails, they are a great benefit for everyone. From children just starting to shower, to the physically challenged, those who have had hip, knee or shoulder surgery and especially for older adults who are not as stable as they once were. 

Did you know one out of three adults age 65 and older fall each year? Falls can lead to severe injuries such as head trauma and bone fractures of the hip,  shoulder, arm, leg and wrists. They can also result in  loss of independence, permanent disabilities and financial hardship. As a matter of fact, and we find this quite alarming, about half of older adults who fall and are hospitalized cannot return home and continue to live on their own.
More than half of all falls occur in the home and falls in the bathroom and on stairs are responsible for more injuries than anywhere else. Please don't underestimate the importance of protecting you and your loved ones from slip and fall accidents. Home 
safety products expertly installed by Grab Bar Plus are essential tools to help you prevent falls. The
stability they provide will give you a feeling of safety and comfort and will  help ensure years of accident free living.

Thank you for visiting. We wish you well and look forward to helping you. Remember to make fall prevention a top priority. 

Call today for more information or schedule an installation appointment in the Tampa Bay area.             

Grab Bars

Grab Bars