Senior Safety Check List

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General Safety 

  • Store potentially hazardous items, such as medications, alcohol, matches, sharp objects in a securely locked cabinet.
  • Keep all cleaning products, such as liquid laundry soaps and bleach out of sight in a securely locked cabinet.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers posted by the phone.
  • Install smoke and co2 detector's and have fire extinguishers available.
  • Remove tripping hazards such as throw rugs, extension cords and clutter from hallways.
  • Keep walk ways and rooms well lit, install battery powered emergency lighting.Secure book cases, shelves, TV to prevent tipping.
  • Apply stickers to glass doors at eye level to ensure doors are visible.
  • Install a latch on all doors above or below eye level.
  • Remove locks on all interior doors to prevent the person from locking themselves in a room.
  • Remove firearms from home or secure them in a locked cabinet.
  • Install ramps to avoid entry steps to the home.
  • Enroll in a medical alert response service.Kitchen SafetyUse appliances that have an auto shut off feature or a shut off timer.
  • Install stove knob covers.
  • Install safety locks or latches on cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Disconnect garbage disposal.Laundry RoomClean out lint screens to prevent fires.
  • Safety latches on dishwasher,washer and dryer.Keep all detergents safely locked away.BathroomInstall grab bars in the shower,tub and toilet areas.
  • Set hot water temperature at 120 degrees.
  • Apply textured stickers to slippery surfaces.
  • BedroomProvide seating near bed to help with dressing.
  • Install a stability pole to aid getting into and out of bed.
  • Bed rails to prevent falling out of bed.
  • Lower closet rods and shelves to a reachable level.